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Our impact

We are a small, focused and effective charity making a big impact in the Irrawaddy Delta Region of Myanmar. The figures below are mostly based on our own data. In the case of emergency aid, where the food handouts go to households, we have used the figure for the regional average household size from the 2014 Census, to convert the number of households to the number of individuals helped.


Total people helped since 2008:



🏠 35

Primary & middle schools built

🏑 1

High schools built

🏠 5200

Children educated

🏑 75%

Best Grade 11 Graduation Pass rate ( vs. national average of 35%)


πŸ’Š 49

Community Heath Workers trained

πŸ’Š 104

Traditional Birth Attendants trained

πŸ’¦ 26

Villages with clean water wells

πŸ’Š 7

Treatment of severe facial clefts


πŸ“ 45300

People receiving emergency aid

🌰 115

Small farmers receiving rice seeds

πŸ– 20

Villagers receiving pigs to breed

πŸ– Started 2017

Roll-out of Pig scheme

How we spend the money – an efficient approach

100% of what we receive goes direct to the programme in Myanmar, unless otherwise specified by the donor. We achieve this by ensuring all UK overheads (e.g. travel, website, videos, banks fees, printing) are covered by separate donations made by the Founders, Trustees or other donors, or through generous voluntary contribution of people’s time and skills.

The programme in Myanmar includes the cost of running a small office in Yangon. This enables us to manage projects, source the best materials, and build on our experience to keep improving our methods.


Money raised has been spent in Myanmar on:

  • 68.5% Education
  • 15% Health
  • 6.1% Livelihood
  • 5.9% Village support
  • 4.5% Yangon office

In addition, UK overheads, funded by separate donations, account for 3% of the total expenditure of the charity. These figures are based on expenditure from inception to 30th June 2015

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