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The Founders' fundraising philosophy – 100% of donations go direct to Myanmar

100% of your donation will go direct to Myanmar to help the people in the Delta Region. Our promise is that all UK overheads (e.g. travel, the website, printing, video) are covered by donations from the founders, trustees, or specific funds from other donors.

Donate by programme – Single or regular

All donations large and small, single and regular are most welcome and will make a significant difference to the quality of people’s lives and the programme’s sustainability in the Delta. To keep things simple, focused and to ensure donations go directly to our focus areas in Myanmar, we provide different giving options based on people’s needs and the programme.

How your money helps

How we spend the money – an efficient approach

100% of what we receive goes direct to the programme in Myanmar, unless otherwise specified by the donor. We achieve this by ensuring all UK overheads (e.g. travel, website, videos, banks fees, printing) are covered by separate donations made by the Founders, Trustees or other donors, or through generous voluntary contribution of people’s time and skills.

The programme in Myanmar includes the cost of running a small office in Yangon. This enables us to manage projects, source the best materials, and build on our experience to keep improving our methods.


Money raised has been spent in Myanmar on:

  • 68.5% Education
  • 15% Health
  • 6.1% Livelihood
  • 5.9% Village support
  • 4.5% Yangon office

In addition, UK overheads, funded by separate donations, account for 3% of the total expenditure of the charity. These figures are based on expenditure from inception to 30th June 2015

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