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The Tragedy in Rakhine

We are immensely saddened by the ongoing disaster in Rakhine State. Watching this crisis unfold has been terrible for everyone who knows and loves the country, and its people. We hope that a solution can be reached which avoids further violence, and enables the refugees to return home.  It’s still impossible to provide help for those Rohingyas remaining within the afflicted area.

In the area of our mission, Irrawaddy Division, hundreds of miles away, we fortunately do not experience such inter-community strife.  Although the majority of the villagers are Buddhist Burmans, many people of other ethnicities and religions live there peaceably . The villages are mixed, and the people get on well with each other, even celebrating each other’s festivals.

We remain absolutely focused on helping our villages, which are some of the poorest and most deprived in Myanmar.  Please continue to support us in this vital work.

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