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Accidents will happen

There are a lot of sharp blades in rural Burma and a lot of corresponding accidents. If they’re left untreated, they can create real problems.


This little boy had nearly cut off his thumb with a machete.  His mother got him to a clinic in a nearby town, where they not only didn’t attempt to save the thumb, but just removed it,  and then sent them home without any care instructions.  Our Community Health Worker took care of him, cleansing and re-bandaging the wound until it had healed.

In another incident, the patient fared better.  A woman had this time nearly cut off her whole hand, but our CHW’s were there to clean, disinfect, stitch and bandage, then knew who to contact to get her to hospital.  The doctors said that their prompt action had saved the hand.

On-the-spot treatment works – and we provide it!

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11 years ago in Healthcare

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