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Daw Suu Kyi’s travels

It must have been quite extraordinary for Aung San Suu Kyi to revisit Europe, and especially the UK, after so many years.


Apart from her official engagements, and time with family and friends, there was an event at the Festival Hall primarily for the Burmese expat community. May and Jon were lucky to obtain tickets, and it proved very moving. Daw Suu, beautifully dressed as always, was greeted with a rapturous standing ovation, and spoke directly and powerfully. She stressed that the diaspora should feel grateful to their hosts, but not forget their home country and think hard how they could contribute to its progress now that there was a measure of freedom. As always there were some flashes of humour during question time.

There were also music, songs and dances from representatives of all the races of Burma. Daw Suu has such charisma and inherent honesty, I wish our politicians had the same!

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