About Us

Tha Zin Ngu children

  A charity working for the poor in Burma (Myanmar) Helping The Burmese Delta (HTBD) works to improve the lives of children and adults in some of the poorest and most remote villages in the Irrawaddy delta region of Burma (Myanmar). Our mantra is ‘go where others don’t, do what others won’t’ – little aid [...]

Improving Education

Community Participation1

Educating their children is of critical importance to the Burmese, and our first priority is to build and equip good quality primary schools in villages not served by the state, which in remote Delta areas are the norm. Burmese schools are of 3 basic types: Government, Community, and Monastery. Once the government has adopted or [...]

Improving Health

Village Health Clinic

Health problems in Burma (Myanmar) Most delta villages have no health care, not even traditional midwives. Sheer poverty resulting in rice-loaded diets, and ignorance of basic hygiene and nutrition, cause many problems. Congenital defects and injuries go untreated. Budgets for Health in Burma are tiny by Western standards, and in any case there are huge [...]

Build your own Primary School!

The opening of Ko La Tar school

Did you know that most of our new primary schools have been funded by individuals, families, groups of friends, and businesses?  Many of these donors have come with us to Myanmar to visit their school, meet the children and teachers, and take part in the opening.  It’s given them huge pleasure and a sense of achievement.

Perhaps you’ve visited the country, and would like to do something meaningful to help the people.  Maybe you have family or friendship connections, or would like to remember someone special to you.  A school can be built, equipped, and opened for £6500, or $10000 (US).  

You’ll help generations of children to widen their opportunities.  If you would like to discuss this further, please email us at contact@helpingtheburmesedelta.org.

Latest Updates

  • trainees

    Our Health Worker trainees graduate

    We’re delighted to announce that all 27 of our second batch of Community Health Workers successfully graduated in December 2014. At the request of senior officials, this took place near Thar Paung, in the West of the delta, near the town of Pathein. This area is extremely wet, effectively flooded by the Irrawaddy for 6 [...]

  • Dawn over YKT

    News of our High School

    Our High School opened in May 2013, and the first batch of students achieved stellar results.  We’ve made some very significant improvements to the school, building excellent separate hostels for girls and boys, and installing wardens to look after pastoral care.  In March 2015 we have commenced building a Learning Centre, with a library and [...]